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What Is Website Development, How to become a Website Developer

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Hello friends, do you know why Website Development and Android development is progressing so fast? Why web development is going to be a very important skill in the future?, In This article we will give you complete information related to Web Development and we will also see what are the disadvantages and advantages of Website Development.

Although there are advantages to learning most of any skill, the disadvantages are very less, but if you do any work, then its byproduct definitely comes out.

After reading this, if any kind of question remains in your mind, then you must ask in the comment, you will definitely get the answer.

What Is Website Development

Website is called Web in short form. Development means to make or to develop anything, so Website Development means to make any kind of website.

When you search for any information on Google, the information that appears in front of you is published by a person on that website.

This website is made by programmers. The programmers who create websites are called web developers.

Web development is a skill that any student can learn. Even if he is a student of Science, Commerce and Arts.

Types Of Website Developer

There are 3 types of Website Developer

  1. Frontend Website Developer
  2. Backend Website Developer
  3. Full Stack Website Developer

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1. Frontend Web Developer?

When you open a website. So whatever things you see in that website with your eyes. It is designed by Frontend Website Developer. Like whatever you are able to see in this website. All these things have been created by Frontend Website Developer.

Skills Required for Frontend Website Developer :-

For frontend Website development, there is a need to learn four main coding skills,

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Designing.

You will easily find complete information about these four skills on YouTube. You don’t need to pay anyone to learn it.

It is very easy to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Designing. No matter how slowly you learn, all these can be learned completely in at least 4 to 6 months.

Salary :-

The average salary of a Frontend Web Developer for a year is 5 lakh to 7 lakh rupees. As you keep working, your skills will also increase. Due to which your salary also keeps increasing rapidly.

2. Backend Website Developer

When you go to a website, the things that are visible in front make it Frontend Web Developer, But what works in the background of the website makes the back end web developer.

Let us understand this with an example,

When we see a car, the part of the car that we see with our eyes has been made by a designer. But inside this car is an engine. That engine is made by a mechanical engineer.

Similarly, there is an engine inside the website too but it is in the coding form. It can also be called software engine. You can see the engine of the car. But you cannot see the software engine.

The programmer who creates the software engine running in this background. It is called Backend Web Developer.

Backend Web Developer manages all the information that is provided by the user.

Required Skills of Backend Web Developer :-

To become a Backend Web Developer, the following programming language has to be learned. NodeJS, Python, PHP, Ruby, Git.

To become a Backend Web Developer, you will have to learn all these skills in the initial time.

According to the needs of the company, there is a need to learn some more languages. To learn all these languages, you need a lot of time. You can also learn these while working in the company.

Salary :-

The average salary of a Backend Web Developer for a year is 8 lakh to 10 lakh rupees. It also keeps on growing rapidly according to the needs of the company.

3. Full Stack Website Developer

When you learn both these skills Frontend and Backend then you are called a Full Stack Web Developer.

In this, you have to learn all the programming languages mentioned in Frontend and Backend. After which you will become a Full Stack Web Developer or say Frontend and Backend Web Developer Engineer.

When you become a Full Stack Web Developer, you can open a company of your own. In which you will make new startup companies a website and this company will give you money for this in lakhs or if you say crores. It depends on your website making skills.

Salary :-

Full Stack Web Developer has knowledge of all the necessary things about web development.

Therefore, the average salary of a Full Stack Web Developer for one year is Rs 12 lakh to 15 lakh.


If you want to learn web development and earn money along with it. So you can become a Frontend Web Developer. It doesn’t take long to learn. You will find many such videos and websites online, from which you can learn web development easily.

You can work in any company as a front end web developer. And along with that, you can also learn the programming language of Backend Web. It will take one to one and half year to learn back end programming language. After this one to one and half year of hard work your life will be completely changed. You can also earn one to one and a half lakh rupees a month.

We hope that through this article you must have got complete information related to website developer and website development.

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